Vocal massage

Vocal massage

Vocal Massage is a method to reduce tense muscles in a direct, effective and save way. Tension due to incorrect use of the voice, a cold, coughing or bad postural influences can lead to a hoarse voice, loss of range, constriction whilst voicing or vocal fatigue.

By using massage techniques, passive stretching and manual larynx manipulations, muscles and structures in and around the larynx are made more relaxed and mobile. Additional dry needling can be done in the jaw area. It can benefit al lot in relaxing and “dropping” the jaw.

Massage therapy is also used for maintenance and prevention of professional voice users. Professionals use their voice just as intensively as a top athlete uses her or her body. Vocal massage and manual laryngeal facilitation works restorative but also prevents high muscle tension.

Treatment is specifically tailored to meet the individual vocal demands and goals. An additional dry needling can be done. Dry needling of the jaw area can benefit a lot in relaxing and “dropping” the jaw.

You can book an appointment with Regi for your vocal massage.

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